TJ Elliott Ltd is the parent company a few niche marketing businesses.

TJ Elliott Ltd has been established since 2010 has grown from being just me Tim Elliott the freelance social media marketer to being the parent company of a group of marketing businesses.

The businesses and brands that we trade as have one thing in common. They are totally digital and primarily social media marketing focussed.

In each instance we believe we can make a difference and help businesses and brands reach their objectives through the amazing tools and methodologies that we have at our finger tips.

Let me introduce each project:

First off there are my services. As a digital and social marketer with over 15 years experience I offer two core services.

A social Media Strategy.  Without a strategy it is easy to feel your social media activity has no ROI and is just another one of those jobs you have to do every day. With the right strategy you can make sure the right message , gets to the right people, on the right neteork at the right time. Interested? Visit 

To support the strategy a service and to help brands and businesses win the marketing race. Every other high performing professional has a coach from golfer to business man so why wouldn’t you want to beat your competitors and win the marketing race – Interested? Click here to get in touch

Next up is fe.ed . fe.ed is a digital marketing company that is active within the further education sector.  Through the use of digital and social media tools and strategies we help private training providers and colleges engage with learners and employers.


Finally is FYI  – a brand new project so watch this space.


Please feel free to reach to me directly by emailing  or just give me a call 07511 342 085